Why hire a researcher?

Few businesses, like yours, have the luxury of employing a full-time researcher. Instead, they hire a freelancer like me to support their projects and offer the value of an external perspective. With me you get the flexibility of a freelancer combined with the expertise of a senior researcher without needing to pay a full-time salary. My services are available on a project-by-project basis when you need them most.

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My story

Everyone has a story. And like a good detective, it’s my job to discover it. To leave no stone unturned and unearth all the detail that creates the bigger picture. For you and your clients. From keyword research and content for PR campaigns to gathering and analysing data across social media channels – no two projects are ever the same. And I love how varied the research I carry out for you can be. Sometimes it’s a small, simple task like fact checking, and on other occasions it’s collating a broad range of data for a specific product launch.

And it’s not just contemporary research. After completing my master’s degree in history, I love historical research. I apply the methods and techniques I honed during my studies to support my clients’ projects.

Hire me and you’ll gain more than research expertise. You’ll also benefit from the additional skills I bring with me from over 30 years as a professional PA and Virtual Assistant working in the marketing and hospitality sectors. An eye for detail, patience, acute organisational skills, exceptional time management, communication skills, event organising, proofreading and bookkeeping. And of course, confidentiality as standard.

And if genealogy is a fascination of yours and you’d like to research your own family history, I can happily help you with that too.